Welcome to 2016!


It’s a brand new year!! Happy New Year to All!

Well 2015 is history and 2016 is here. The older we get the quicker goes the calendar.

Income is more important than assets!

If you had money in equities the indices had its worst year since 2008. If you emulated our endowment style investing you should not have felt must of a disruption of your income because 30 to 35% was not in the stock market and generated dividends in most cases much higher than the current interest environment. If you did not need the income we just invested the money in other alternative investments with little effect from the volatility of the stock market generating more income.

We did use the market strategically for the other 55% to 65% of our clients’ portfolios and using tactical and strategic investing, in most cases, outperformed the indices’.

Every situation is different, but with the volatility of the market “Stay The Course” does not work any longer.

For a free consultation on how we might be able to protect your assets in these precarious times, please come in for a brief introduction to what The Diamond Group can do for you.


Arni J. Diamond




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